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About Us

Kinematics Electro Optics Ltd, is the successor company of Kinematics Ltd that was founded on 1985 and built its reputation as a reliable supplier to the industrial market in Israel.

Our sales engineers have the relevant academic background and are well trained by the companies we represent. We are able and experienced to support our customers during all stages of the project, from the problem definition, through the R&D stage until series manufacturing. Depending on the application, our products are either off the shelf or custom designed.

Among others we serve following markets:

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Automated Optical Inspection

  • Medical and Life Science

  • Defense

Contact Info

Address: Hassida 7, Kfar Saba, 4424677, Israel

Hertzel 84, Ramla, Israel

Tel: +972-523-876734


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