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Clean Room Products

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Filter Fan Units

Exyte Technology has been a pioneer in filter fan unit systems since 1990. During that period more than half a million Exyte Technology filter fan units have been installed worldwide. Exyte Technology is developing, manufacturing and qualifying filter fan units. Our exten­sive experience in this field has given us in-depth understanding of our customers’ processes and needs. Specialized products such as FFU-RA (return air) and PIFF (plenum integrated filter fan) units are the results of our expertise. Outstanding patents and innovations testify to the performance of our Technology Center in Stuttgart. Several types of filter fan units enable our customers to choose the right system for their individual demands to improve productivity, process reliability and profitability.

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AMC Filters

A special challenge in highly clean production environments (i.e. semiconductor manufacturing) is removal of airborne molecular contamination (AMC), such as acids, bases, condensables and dopants from the process air. These can lead i.e. to undesired chemical reactions on the wafer surface and pro¬cess equipment. Being one of the pioneers in the development of AMC filters, Exyte Technology offers a comprehensive variety of different filtration products for various application areas, such as make-up air (MAU) or return air filters filters for cleanroom ceilings or for tool and process protection.

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Control Systems & Monitoring

From simple solutions such as a speed controller for a single filter fan unit through complex controlling and monitoring systems for a large cleanroom, Exyte Technology offers a wide range of products and services for operating cleanroom components and facilities. Our professional experience in control systems includes more than 50 years in design and installation of cleanrooms and a broad installed base around the world.

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Precise Environmental Chambers

Exyte is offering environmental chambers for sensitive process applications (e.g. semiconductor, research industry). These chambers ensuring the optimal operating environment for multiple sensitive processes. Depending on the client’s needs those customized chambers offering temperature,- humidity,- cleanliness,- AMC,- ESD,- acoustic- and magnetic- controlled environments. Acoustic damping enclosures using a multi-leaf panel system protecting the sensitive process tool from the noisy environment. Magnetic shielding enclosures using panel systems made of materials with high permeability or high conductivity to protect the sensitive process tools from disturbing magnetic fields.

Technology Center and Trace Analysis 250

Technology Center & Trace Analysis

Our trace analysis area has in-depth knowledge in the field of air and water analyses for clean environments. Many years of experience with chemical contamination analysis make our trace analysis team a competent partner in terms of cleanliness investigations. State-of-the-art analytical equipment combined with approved and validated analytical procedures ensure reproducible and reliable analytical results.

A high quality control of processes and outcomes is guaranteed to our customers due to our ISO 9001 certification. Moreover, our complete quality management system ensures maximum transparency. In this regard, our customers appreciate our reliable analyses as well as our excellent services

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