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Customized Lenses, Assemblies & Components

Berliner Glas


With decades of experience in the development and production of optical systems and manufacturing technology, Berliner Glas, at its Berlin location, integrates optics, mechanical systems and electronics to provide innovate system solutions.

These solutions are employed worldwide in light-using industries – predominantly in the semiconductor and medical technology industries, as well as laser and space technologies.

Schneider Kreuznach


When it comes to optical and precision mechanical components for machine vision, we set the standard. Like no other manufacturer we understand the exact requirements that optical components for industrial applications have to meet – because we ourselves manufacture according to the same strict criteria. We know that precision, quality and reliability form the basis for long-term solutions. As a partner for high-end solutions in image processing, we help system integrators and machine manufacturers to improve their image processing systems. 



SwissOptic is based in Switzerland and stands for the highest precision in the world of optics. With many years of experience, we develop, manufacture and integrate optics, mechanics and electronics into innovative system solutions for you. We are your long-term and trusted partner along the entire value chain – from concept to volume production.

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